KLASSIK 106 is a virtual analogue synthesizer.

KLASSIK 106 is the first Juno-106 Kontakt library developed with the new Kontakt’s wavetable engine.


in KLASSIK 106, alongside the iconic Synth 106 , you have access to an FX chain containing 5 effects, emulating vintage effect units: 

- Tape Delay 201 

- Spring Reverb 

- Equalizer 611 

- G-Compressor 

- Tube Overdrive

KLASSIK 106 Synth engine, replicates the famous 80’s 106 in all it’s aspects plus a modern touch:  

- 3 waveforms (PWM, Saw, Sub), plus a user access to the waveforms mixer, and a graphic visualizer that displays the square waveform Pulse Width. 

- The classic 106 Arpeggiator is now tempo-synced! 

- The LFO can be easily switched from Free to tempo-sync. 

- The famous on-board Chorus 1 and 2

The 201 Tape Delay module, replicates the famous 201 Tape Delay unit plus much more! - Repeat rate is now tempo-synced - User has access to the echo level and feedback time on each of the 3 tape heads individually. * Please refer to the User Manual and take a look at the explanatory chart for a better understanding of the Repeat Rate knob and the Mode Selector *

EQ 611 and G-Compressor are also an emulation of the classic effect units, featuring the same functions and sound character!
If you are familiar with these Vintage Synth and Effect Units, ENJOY IT! if this is new to you, just hover your mouse over each of the GUI elements and get some useful informations about it’s functions in the bottom info panel

KLASSIK 106 is very much suitable for a live performance setup, as all knobs, faders and buttons are fully and easily assignable to any midi controller.


KLASSIK 106 can be loaded ONLY IN THE FULL VERSION of Kontakt 6.6 or above.  


 - Wavetable based Synth engine 

- Built-in Arpeggiator 

- 5 Virtual vintage effect units 

- 22 Presets  

- User Manual


Product Type:NI Kontakt Instrument
Use With:Kontakt FULL 6.6 Or Later
Size:24 Mb
Category:Polyphonic Synthesizer + Effects
Factory Presets:22


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