Kontakt Instruments Developer

HÖSS AUDIO is the brand name that i am using for Kontakt Instruments.
It is a new brand for Kontakt Instruments development, aiming to cover a wide range of sonic textures and instruments with a character!
I will be working on a wide spectrum of instruments that reflects my sound palette as a Film and Ambient music composer, as well as Sound Design tools in the near future.
Check out the Instruments below!

Logo design by Serj Panossian


Felt Piano

FELT 54 is an intimate felt piano with character, it’s not the conventional bright and harmonically complex upright piano.

Stereo sampled from a felt customized upright Yamaha U3 1975 that has been modified in a way that makes the tone more pure, yet preserves its harmonic richness. A 0.8mm felt strip was added between the hammers and strings, and the middle section’s tone of the piano was simplified by muting 2 out of 3 strings per note.
The instrument was captured by 3 microphones resulting in a very intimate stereo image.

FELT 54 covers a range of 54 notes, the sweet spot range of this particular piano.

-143 Stereo samples in 44K/24bit
-Instrument range: G1 - G6
-5 Velocities per root note
-Pedal UP/DOWN samples
-Key Release Noise, with infinite Round Robins

Instrument features:
-3 EQ Knobs (Low,Mid,High)
-Intimate room reverb
-Tape Delay (Synced Time, Feedback, Send Level)
-Pedal noise and key release noise levels
-a Special TAPE module with 3 knobs (Analogue Tape Hiss, Saturation intensity, Flutter intensity)

FELT 54 is ideal for Ambient music and Melancholic film scores, as well as LO-FI hip-hop music with the Tape settings driven up.