TAPES - M400

Tapes M400 is a Mellotron library, chromatically sampled from the Mellotron M400, one of the earliest models from the 1970’s.

Tapes M400 features the 3 main and most iconic sound of the Mellotron: Strings, Choir and Flutes that were recorded chromatically for the full length of each tape, but you can either enjoy them the classic way or loop them!

TAPES M400 features 5 effects that matches the old sound of the 70’s:

On the menu page, the user can easily access and modify the reverb and delay’s send levels, HP and LP filters, envelope Attack and Release parameters, pitch-bend amount, mechanical noise amount and stereo width. Tapes M400 work perfectly for musicians looking for the raw sound of the classic early Mellotron, plus some additional effects and sound design tools!

  • Chorus
  • Rotator
  • Tape Delay
  • Reverb
  • 11 Different type of cabinets


Product Type:NI Kontakt Instrument
Use With:Kontakt FULL 6.6 Or Later
Size:280 Mb
Category:Mellotron M400
Factory Presets:Strings, Choir and Flute


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